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2101, the world is on the brink...

12 years after the events that led to World War IV, mankind is still fighting. Fighting against an enemy that took advantage of the chaos of war to spread among the civilization. The extraterrestrial life form Immortalis Reconstructor Dominus (IRD) popularly known as Parasite X, escaped from laboratories around the globe after illegal experiments on humans and infected over 40% of the remaining world population. A population that just managed to multiply again during the golden years of the United World Order (UWO), but still far behind the 10 billion people before the nuclear horror of World War III. Once called humanity’s greatest discovery, the IRDs turn humans into will-less puppets to be incorporated as servants into their immortal swarm collectives. 


While the new rising UWO military government tries to unite the people in the fight against the common enemy and fights for their utopia of a united humanity in peace, other dark forces try to take advantage of the outbreak and turmoil after the last world war to seize world domination and implement their own „One Empire, One Nation“ plan. Others are simply trying to survive in a world without laws, in the ruins of war, with vast uneconomic lands and nuclear wastelands with limited clean drinking water and resources.


And then there are those who dream of a legend. The legend of the Section 16. A clone army of women, immune to parasite control, with powerful abilities to rid humans of the alien threat. Somewhere in this world are said to exist secret bunkers, where they sleep in cryopods, waiting for their awakening. But unfortunately, no one is alive who knows the location of these bunkers… 

(Work in progress)

Unfold the Story

Immortal Parasite is a constantly growing story universe. With each mint of an Immortal Parasite NFT it continues to unfold. And it’s all about the community. Thus, each individual user contributes with his mint to continue the story and unlock benefits for the entire community of NFT holders.

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