Who is behind?

The Founder

jaypi420.eth is a German designer and writer with over 15 years of professional experience. As a trained graphic and web designer in the web2 advertising industry, he not only specialized in conceptualizing ideas and campaigns, but also used his writing talent to write over 200 editorial articles, 500 songs and numerous scripts for projects and novels as a part-time editor, copywriter and ghostwriter. Complemented by 12 years of experience in managing communities and projects, as well as 8 years in a web2-marketing agency (now in a leading position), he helps clients in various industries to bring their products to the customer.

In 2021, he entered the world of web3 for the first time when he entered the Metaverse. Shortly after he bought his first cryptocurrencies and NFTs, he relatively quickly fell in love with the blockchain technology and its huge potential. He realized that there is more than just „quick money“ to be made by flipping in this area and already started to develop various concepts that combine classic products with the strengths of web3.


Working as a Collab, Community and Social Media Manager he gained experience in web3, started to build a network and analyzed other successful and failed NFT projects for over two years before finally founding his first own web3 project, Immortal Parasite. Now it’s time to create a legacy and publish his own stories powered by blockchain technology.

Founder JP

David D.

Full Stack Developer

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The Dev

The talented full-stack developer David D. aka dadev has joined the team to lead the development of the project’s blockchain foundation.


Born in France and now living in Lisbon, he had already been successfully developing applications for various web2 companies for over 5 years when he entered the web3 space in 2021. Staking protocols, marketplaces, dynamic NFTs, his repertoire is extensive and his smart contracts resulted in the minting of roughly 1 million NFTs.


„Build, break, fix and repeat!“


His high security standards and expertise as a security researcher makes sure that your wallets are in trustworthy hands when they connect to our applications!

Team Members

LT General Mikay

Community Manager

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LT General Maurice

Head Moderator

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Collab Manager

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