How many times...

have you seen yourself immersed in fantastic worlds in movies, series or videogames that everyone loved, that were even popular with critics, that weren’t losses for the studios, but were nevertheless canceled or not continued because they have not generated enough profit? How many times have you experienced that your favorite series is no longer what made you fall in love with it? Diluted sequels or remakes that are forced into a new corset, not because it makes them better, but to make them less complex and more appealing to the masses. Stories are becoming more and more generic, have to appeal to everyone at the same time, must not offend under any circumstances and there is hardly anything really new anymore. Now we have AI that write according to predefined formulas within just a few seconds. The markets are flooded with AI-generated content. Real authors and unique ideas are simply not valued…


This is one of the core problems I want to tackle with this project. I want to create my own multi-layered brand that tells exciting stories far away from the generic constraints of the mainstream. Timeless. No market research or trend analyses. Just awesome, interactive stories from a harsh and deadly sci-fi fantasy world. Not for the masses, but for a mainly adult audience. Stories that captivate and get under your skin. Inspired by classic animes and role-playing games with a strong focus on the personal development and the destiny of the characters. Inspired by brands like Marvel with its various heroes as independent IPs, but connected in the overarching universe. Inspired by real life. And inspired by you!


The technical possibilities of blockchain technology, such as the ability to lock content and utilities behind tokens (NFTs), the clear verification of ownership, the interoperability between different systems or the transparency of all transactions on the blockchain form a perfect foundation for the implementation of this project. But Immortal Parasite does not aspire to be a typical NFT project as you know it!


Another problem I want to tackle with Immortal Parasite is the still high speculative value of NFTs. The bubble that turned NFTs into assets with utopian prices has already burst since the last bear market and even blue-chip NFTs are only trading at a fraction of their former ATHs. If we are honest, very few holders are interested in the art itself, but in the status or value it represents. However, the rethink has already begun and the coming cycle will reinforce this even further. I firmly believe that an NFT should not be worth more than the approximate value of the utility it brings to the holder. Because in most cases, NFTs are basically an access key to the associated utilities. But what if this key itself became a utility? And no, I’m not talking about the mere possession of art or about developing an identity or brand around the given artwork. I’m talking about making this NFT part of the story. I’m talking about developing your personal NFT avatar according to your own preferences. Going on adventures with your NFT, gaining experience and customize the artwork piece by piece as you explore the world of Immortal Parasite in an old-school RPG-like gamification system.


These NFTs are not a financial investment that is determined solely by supply and demand! These NFTs are characters and their value should be determined by their progress, which is stored in the metadata and sold with them. I am giving you the opportunity to increase the value of your NFT yourself. Characters that are just sitting on the bench in a wallet will mainly be of interest to newcomers and will not fetch high prices. That will still happen, of course, but it will be a good thing! I’m not aiming for incredibly high floor prices across the board. In fact, I want it to remain accessible. For me, it’s counterproductive to have a product that is far too expensive to attract new users. In a developing live service system, it is important to reach new users at all times. So having characters in different level ranges on the market is important. By limiting the maximum rewards to a specific amounts per account and multiple accounts prevention, I also want to prevent the classic whales from hindering this goal. But don’t worry, I am still aware of the importance of whales for an NFT project and therefore there will be alternative, equivalent investment opportunities for them within the project.


I don’t need slogans like „Sold out“ or hype bought with money to create interest and FOMO. We do honest marketing! I rely on organic growth and word-of-mouth advertising, because I just want to convince people with my product. You either like it or not! That’s why I’ve spent a hell of a lot of time preparing this project and not just starting to build after the Mint, as many other projects do. You are not buying empty promises. And to make sure Immortal Parasite reaches enough people to fund the project, I’m going to tackle another problem in the world of NFTs. Compared to the general purchasing power in the world, the audience of Web3 is still far too limited to speculators and a few who are really interested in the technology. The intertwining of web2 and web3 through the production of Real World Assets like the physical publication of our light novels and high-quality merchandise represents an important step for the future growth of this brand, not only to attract new audiences to web3, but also to capitalize on the nearly 2 billion readers of physical books worldwide who are just waiting to dive into the next epic adventure. The possibility of physical counter-values in the real world for owning a digital NFT on the blockchain also supports my intention to enable a stable value of our NFTs that is not determined by speculation but by its utility for the holder. I promise that the initial amount that holders will pay to Mint will be returned in an equivalent value after the fulfillment of our roadmap, and even beyond.


Immortal Parasite fulfills people’s desire for good stories. I even claim that it is a basic need of almost everyone. We all watch movies, series, read books, play video games, listen to music or look at art because we want to escape reality for a short time or are looking for something that feels familiar so that we don’t feel alone and understood. I take this need, combine it with the desire for personal optimization and spice it up with the feelings of happiness when receiving legendary loot. I will create a world full of stories and turn them into an interactive, personal experience. For all explorers of new worlds and fans of story-driven role-playing games. For all those who judge a book by its content and not by its cover, for all those who are not blinded by cool advertising campaigns or the hype behind them. For all those who want to experience epic adventures. This is for you.

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