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Scheduled: 15. August 2023

Creating the Characters

One of my biggest goals with Immortal Parasite is to create a personal experience for my readers. How do I do that? Simple, I let them become a part of the story. With a few exceptions, all characters in Immortal Parasite’s story can be cast by community members. And the earlier you get involved, the more likely you are to grab one of the bigger roles and give them your face, as well as your name. How cool would it be to see Immortal Parasite on TV in 10 years with your friends and be able to say, „That’s me!“. I’ll make it happen. In addition to creating some uncasted main characters and integrating myself, 7 people from the community have already earned this privilege. 


A little hint: The appearance of the face, some physical attributes and traits of your character will be influenced by you, but not their actions in the story. This is set by the author, me, according to their roles and can only be influenced by community votes in some places.

Instead of relying completely on one artist, I rely on different artists for different purposes. Why? One artist alone responsible for everything would simply take too long and slow down the project. And what would happen if that one artist dropped out for some reason? That’s why I work with different talanted artists, who I entrust with different tasks, in which they are experts. While one specializes in characters, another is good at drawing creatures, and another is good at drawing beautiful backgrounds. A workflow that is quite normal for big productions. It is only important that in the end everything fits together coherently.


However, I can already tell you that not all products or IPs within Immortal Parasite will have the same artstyle. So some individual collections will be of course coherent in themselves, but will stand out in the overall picture as something independent to celebrate different forms of art. For example, our genesis collection with its unique approach of hand-drawn outline scans will not be available again in this form. A second generation collection will not be a simple copy of it, but will also offer a new added value in terms of artstyle.


I would like to invite artists to enrich our universe with their own personal artstyle and invite you to join our community, create fanart and participate in our art contests. Who knows, maybe one day you will be allowed to design an official Immortal Parasite product.

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