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Scheduled: 18. July 2023

Immortal Parasite – Launch

It’s done. Three months after I bought the Agents of ZAF NFT Collection from the former founders with the goal to secure the preservation of this collection and the community by integrating it into my own new project, I can now announce that this process is finished. The Agents of ZAF NFT Collection will remain as part of a greater whole. I am keeping my promise: We will never go free mint or cut the supply, we keep building! I will not rely on short term scarcity strategies or paid fake hype to sell out this collection quickly. I am also not afraid of the bear market and the fact that pretty much all NFT projects out there are failing right now. Because my goals are long-term in nature and I’m not banking on mint revenue as a basis for failure or success. I want to create something great, a legacy that I can be proud of later. And big things take time. So if you’re looking for a quick buy-and-flip, you should fuck off. I’m not promising to line your pockets with money! Anyone who is only after THAT has not understood the possibilities of NFTs and blockchain technology, has not understood web3 in my eyes.


What I do promise you, however, is the fact that your financial support (I’m intentionally avoiding the word „investment“ here) will be compensated with something of at least equal value. I personally see this more like the web3 version of a Kickstarter campaign. I promise to create something new with your help, and you can be part of its creation live. The earlier you join and the more active you are, the greater your impact on the project and the higher your rewards will be. Each Agents of ZAF NFT is like a key to the world of Immortal Parasite and the more of them you have, the more doors will be open to you. The plan is to funnel 75% of the revenue into the development of the project and back into the community in the form of rewards/prizes, though in the first year it will probably be more like 100% plus personal investment. I believe in my vision and building a strong foundation is much more important to me than making a quick profit.

When it comes to development, I consciously rely on professional, external service providers who are only used when they are needed and are only paid after they have fulfilled their contract. No high running costs due to internal team members or those who are involved on a percentage basis and leave when things get slow. No one is dependent on mint income except the project itself. I am also more than adequately supported by my main job. Of course, I would like to be able to live off my stories at some point. But I write almost every day anyway, it’s my passion. Whether I sell these stories or just read them to my kids later, I have patience. So the question is, do you want to hear, see and experience these stories? Because I promise you, probably the most personal anime experience you will ever have. Whether it’s as part of the story with your own character bearing your face and name, or interacting in the community and upcoming web3 (gamification) features that reflect the world of Immortal Parasite.


I welcome everyone as long as they follow the rules of our community. Join our Discord server, participate in our new Reward Season with great prizes in exchange for your time in the Immortal Parasite Universe, discover more and more lore as well as backstories, and support the project (funding the light novels and merchandise) by minting new agents. Our first milestone will be minting a total of 1700 Agents of ZAF NFTs for covering the costs of production of our first merchandise products and the graphic design of the light novel.


1152 / 1700 have already been minted


Let’s grow, Agents!

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