ZAF – Section 16

A Matter of DNA

Amazingly, it took almost 6 months to notice that at the beginning of the outbreak, all of the individuals controlled by IRDs were male. It was probably due to the chaos of the war and the resulting sparse communication between countries that hardly any information was shared after the independent outbreaks all over the world. The British research company U-Lab, led by leading genomics and molecular biology scientists Prof. Darby and Prof. Cordova, who conducted research on behalf of the UWO, was the first to discover that the parasites exploited the genetic disadvantage of the male Y-chromosome to take control of key neurological functions in male hosts.


However, even if women were immune to parasite control, they could still become infected with the parasite and act as vectors. And depending on how long these women went untreated, they could still die of anemia after a few weeks to months. As a result, the male population grew very suspicious of women who could not be seen to be infected. But it also meant that the military and other authorities were naturally interested in recruiting as many women as possible to fight against this new enemy, while most of the men were already at war amongst the humans.


The UWO, which despite the war still enjoyed political immunity in most countries of the world, also began to recruit female soldiers. With the slogan „Together against the TRUE enemy“ they advertised their newly formed Strike Force XX, in reference to the double X-chromosome of women, which protected them from the control of the IRDs. But unfortunately, the number of volunteers fell far short of expectations. More and more countries lost the idea of humanity, joined smaller alliances for reasons of self-preservation, and participated in the war that by now raged around the globe. Facing the next possible extinction of all humans, the UWO hired the world’s leading marketing strategy company „Unlimited Inc.“ and invested billions in a marketing campaign to save humanity. A last hope that bore fruit…

Zombie Annihilation Force

Commercials produced at blockbuster level showed fearless women of diverse backgrounds and physical stature in tailored combat uniforms slaying zombies in slow motion and embracing rescued, crying children or distributing water bottles to those in need. Yet other videos showed hostile soldiers fighting each other until they were surrounded by a horde of zombies, putting aside their differences and standing toe-to-toe against the common enemy. Subsequent close-ups of the women blowing a strand from their bloodied faces and shouting slogans like „I fight for my family“, „Water for all“ or „Together against the true enemy“, all accompanied by the dreamy New Wave Future Vibes sound of Hana Andersson, the new star in the sky of electronic music.

The „Zombie Annihilation Force“ campaign hit like a bomb and the hashtag #JoinTheUWO spread like wildfire despite the world war. Crowded recruitment events with Hana Andersson, who became the new mascot of this women’s movement, as a live act and the spread of the humanitarian „Water for All“ campaign brought massive popularity to the UWO.

ZAF - Section 16

Of course, despite immunity to their control, the ZAF’s fight against the infected led to high infection rates among these women, as well as casualties. Since the infected were not like those typical dumb zombies known from literature, but were controlled by an evolving life form that also depended on the life of the host, the focus of some of the elder IRDs, who have learned by now not to be able to control women, changed from reproduction to survival in such battles.

But a miracle occurred. About a year after the creation of the ZAF an incredibly small proportion of only 0.0012% of all infected women, find themselves developing superhuman abilities over time. These ranged from supernatural strength, fast regeneration power and reflexes to abilities that could be called magic. Immediately after the discovery of this fact, the UWO declared this a top secret matter. The few who knew about it were sworn to secrecy. It tasked General JP with creating a task force of Special Agents with superhuman skills and leading it with the goal of tracking down more superwomen before they are abused by unscrupulous parties for war among humans. They received support from Prof. Darby and Prof. Cordova, who were to accompany the phenemon and the agents from a scientific point of view…

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